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Καλή Ανάσταση


Ἰδοὺ ὁ Νυµφίος ἔρχεται ἐν τῷ µέσῳ
τῆς νυκτός, καὶ µακάριος ὁ δοῦλος, ὃν
εὑρήσει γρηγοροῦντα, ἀνάξιος δὲ πάλιν,
ὃν εὑρήσει ῥαθυµοῦντα. Βλέπε οὖν ψυχή
µου, µὴ τῷ ὕπνῳ κατενεχθῇς, ἵνα µὴ τῷ
θανάτῳ παραδοθῇς, καὶ τῆς βασιλείας ἔξω
κλεισθῇς· ἀλλὰ ἀνάνηψον κράζουσα· Ἅγιος,
ἅγιος, ἅγιος εἶ ὁ Θεός ἡµῶν. Πρεσβείαις τῶν
Ἁγίων σῶσον ἡµᾶς.
Behold, the Bridegroom is coming in the
middle of the night; and blessed is the servant
He shall find awake and watching; unworthy
is the other He shall find being lazy. So
beware, O soul of mine, be not overcome by
sleep, so that you not be handed over to death
and be shut out from the Kingdom. Come to
your senses and cry aloud: Holy, holy, holy
are You our God. By the intercessions of the
Saints save us

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